Goldfield Paranormal Research Society

Welcome to the official website of the Goldfield Paranormal Research Society. Here you can explore various content from blog posts, episodes of our cases, links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course ways to contact us to share in your experiences with the paranormal.

We are a family which has an interest in the paranormal and we hope to at least open your mind whether you believe or not. We are always open to discuss with sceptics and believers alike. We will cover topics such as ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, cryptids and anything unknown or unexplained.

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel here which contains our various episodes of our investigations, tech talk on equipment we use, our opinions on a certain topic and of course our inspirations. They will also be posted in our Blog above. This is produced by Mogulty Productions.

David Tyson, one of the founders of the Goldfield Paranormal Research Society (GFPRS), is also an author and you will see posts about his work from time to time.. If you are interested in a fictional anthonlogy of ghost stories you can get a paperback version or Kindle version on Amazon.com here called Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond.

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