We are a family that got together to form the Goldfield Paranormal Research Society (GFPRS). This idea started many years but never got off the ground until now. We have always been interested in the paranormal and did some amateur ghost hunting with equipment Donald Tyson had. We started working the idea to start putting our investigations online and it grew from there into this. Unfortunately, Donald Tyson (our father) passed away in 2018 so he was not able to see this dream come true but I know in spirit he is with us on this journey.

Our mission is to show believers and non-believers the world of the paranormal. We are open to discuss our findings, share in our experiences and even discuss anything paranormal with you. We like to hear your stories also. We will cover a range of topics from ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, cryptids to anything unknown or unexplained. We just hope to open your mind whether you believe it or not and present our findings and discuss topics. This website will have a lot of content but we have our main youtube page which will have all of our episodes. We have our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter (links above) which will also have more content and more ways to interact. Of course, we will have a way you can reach us by email if you want to share your story or have suggestions for investigations.

Below is our team with a brief bio.

David Tyson Co-Founder and Investigator

David Tyson grew up believing in the paranormal. Not only was his father, Donald Tyson, a big influence in his belief in the paranormal but David also grew up in one of the most haunted smalls towns in the United States called Goldfield, Nevada. David envisioned the idea of starting this endeavor after he and his wife played around with ghost hunting equipment one day. Even since it has been his mission to get this off the ground. He is also doing it for his father who passed away in 2018. David Tyson has been married for many years to his beautiful wife Jennifer Tyson who is also a co-founder of GFPRS and investigator. He has a son and two daughters and works as a manager for a major gaming company in Las Vegas. He is also an author.

Jennifer Tyson Co-Founder and Investigator

Jennifer Tyson grew up in Southern California. She was a skeptic for most of her life until she herself started to investigate and read up on the paranormal. While she might not believe everything she is open to many possibilities and through her research has found there are many things about the paranormal that is true. She worked with David on coming up with the plans on GFPRS and will help make it a success with her thoughts and ideas. She is doing this also in the memory of her father (yes in law) Donald Tyson who she enjoyed hearing stories about and help influence this. She is married to David and is a housewife and mother to her son and two daughters.

Anakin Tyson Junior Investigator

Anakin was born in Nevada. He is a believer in all things paranormal. Mostly because listening to his father and grandfather on all the stories they talk about. While he is young he wanted to join GFPRS as he wants to help out and investigate the paranormal. He is currently attending school and his hobbies include gaming and Youtube.